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About Us

Norfolk Computer Services are specialists in providing Computer and General IT Support Services to the small business sector.

The company has was formed to deliver expertise and low cost IT services to the regions expanding and successful small businesses. You will find us professional, friendly and conscious of your needs.

We have and continue to form partnerships with leading brand manufacturers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Sophos, and make use of the latest technology to provide our clients added value through a diverse range of products and services.

We aim to offer a range of services that our clients can engage with us on from inclusive service agreements providing various levels of support to a simple PAYG support service. Our growing partnerships also allows us to compete as a system, hardware and software supplier offering the very best rates for our clients procurement needs.

Providing services across the region, we are structured to provide the very best service at an unbeatable price.


Norfolk Computer Services puts the delivery of an excellent service at the very top of it's agenda when it comes to working with our clients. We have set objectives and key targets for working with businesses and the community to ensure that our Service is second to none.

To achieve our service excellence goals we will:

> Deliver a friendly and consistent approach to all IT Service Calls.

> Act promptly on all issues raised under service agreements.

> Respond to all inquiries on the same day 

> Work together to fully understand purchasing requirements.

> Offer the very best price for all IT Procurement

> Aim to build long-term, value-adding relationships with our customers

> Deal promptly and fairly with any problems our customers may experience

Offices at Hethel Engineering Centre

Norfolk Computer Services 
Hethel Engineering Centre
NR14 8FB

Phone: 0844 318 32 85